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BBS 30 days Challenge (Banana Bus Squad)







1.) Favorite person from the squad

This is a tough question for me lol

Gotta say it'll be Vanoss, since I start to watch his channel for quite a long time, and didn't check out the others until recently. I didn't even know it was Delirious, butonly a guy who is so annoyingly noisy and blaring lmao. Moreover, I love Evan's voice. It sounds like he is good educated and a person who has control ofeverything, and he actually does <3

2.) Favorite ship/pairing from the squad

It has to be H2OVanoss <3

They are my favorite for the past few months.

3.) Favorite funny moment

I re-watch Vanoss, Delirious and Nogla's star wars deathrun and tumbleweed for over 5 times lol

Not only Vanoss's but all of their versions.

I can literally repeat what they said in some parts of the video *ugly fangirl face*

4.) Picture(s) of you wearing their shirt(s), or only theshirts if you like your privacy. If you have none, who’s shirt would you want?

My Vanoss's golden limited edition T-shirt is on its way :)

5.) Who are you most alike to?

Delirious i guess lol

I am kinda delirious I have to say muahahahahaha

You'll agree to this when you meet me in person ;)

6.) Favorite video

Vanoss, Delirious and Nogla's star wars deathrun and tumbleweed as mentioned above.

7.) Favorite fan art piece

Anything nice

8.) Favorite fanfic, imagine, or head cannon about them.

I am grateful with every fanfic that's with H2OVanoss, we need more fanfics guys!!! 

9.) Favorite BBS “vocabulary” word (Ex: Hoodini, Keep'er goin’)

Keep'er goin'.

Didn't relate to this until I heard Vanoss saying Keep'er goin' in the beginning of his video which killed me instantly.

10.) If you would be able to tell them anything in 5 wordsor less, what would it be?

I love U guys Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

That's 5 words ;)

11.) Confession involving the squad

I watch them everyday.

I get so excited whenever I see Vanoss and Delirious in the same video. (I knew I need medication lmao)

12.) Favorite aspect of Vanoss

He really has his sense of humor and I love it <3 (And his voice omfg)

13.) Favorite aspect of Delirious

You are crazy and noisy but I love it <3

14.) Favorite aspect about MiniLadd

Always being the poor guy? lol

15.) Favorite aspect about Wildcat

I love his oil can thing during the hide and seek, epic

16.) Favorite aspect about Nogla

I wanna sqeeze Dr. Zoidberg omg I just love him. Like you can tell Nogla is really a nice guy, caring for his friends. His accent actuallymakes him cute. My favorite part of him must be the moment he laughs secretly(snickering?) when he sneaks through his buddies in hide and seek or prop hunt.

I am planning to make a Zoidburg doll!!!!! He is too cute for me <3

17.) Favorite aspect about Lui

He is a nice guy too (Sorry I am speechless lol)

18.) Favorite aspect of any other squad member of yourchoice

Delirious is my second favorite. Can't lie that I just started to like him after I am obsessed with H2Ovanoss, I thought he is so noisy and annoying at first thogh lmao

A super cute guy, I enjoy him playing scary games with all those crazy screams and laughter. How he loves teddy bear makes mestart to love teddy bear too XD I am sleeping with my teddy bear every night. 

19.) What was the last video you saw from them and from whowas it?

Delirious. Actually I am watching it right now, it's his Fallout 4 series on Ep.23.

20.) In your own handwriting, write the name of yourfavorite squad member and post a picture of it.

21.) When and how did you first come across the BBS?

I started to watch Vanoss's videos in 2013 I think, but notreally following every single video he posts. And then in September 2015, my friendtold me about this pairing, which I become very obsess with.

22.) Letter to the BBS

I hope they can keep on delivering more funny stuffs :)

23.) Who in the squad did you find first?


24.) Another favorite funny moment

This question is hard. I'll go with Nogla's league of legend gameplay with BasicallyIDoWork. The part he told Faker to watch out is hilarious.

25.) If you had the chance to play with one of the squadmembers, who would it be and what game?

I would hope it's H2ODelirious. Was struggling for Vanoss, but it seems like it'll have a lot of fun playing with Delirious.

26.) Where do you see them in 5 years? 10 years?

I don't know. Maybe game producers or something?

27.) Describe what you think Delirious looks like

Awww these questions are tough! I hope he has blue eyes, but actually I can't really think of his appearance. In fact, I don't want to imagine how he looks like and later on get disappointed or something after his face reveal. That being said, I am still dying for a face reveal!!! Or at least knowing that he had met his other friends in person.

28.) Another favorite video

I am really enjoying Delirious's Fallout 4 series. It's an interesting game.

29.) If you had the chance to, who in the squad would you bebest friends with?

I'll say Vanoss, since he is my favorite lol

30.) How has the BBS affected your life?

They are dominating hahaha. I start looking for owls, teddybears, monkeys, piggys, and octopus (I like to call Dr. Zoidberg a octopus<3) everytime. Delirious's theme song has been my ringtone for months. And I have to watch at least one video of them a day lol Sometimes Delirious's scary gameplay will be my "lullaby" before sleep, but just getting things worse though lmao


Spread the love, and Love BBS everyone <3

And be productive on fanfics!!!!!!

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